About ION Resources

The Ion Team brings together many years of collective IT Consulting and custom software development experience. This developed expertise combined with our laser focus on faith, family, and ethics sets us apart from the competition.

Our consultants are responsive to your needs and focused on delivering value. We have focused our core philosophy on becoming a trusted partner with our customers, and have made a commitment to deliver customized, result-oriented solutions. The total integration of our identity, behavior, and core values has allowed us to uphold the essential goal of our brand: ensuring that businesses in our market not only survive, but thrive in this dynamic economic climate.

Over the past 20+ years, we have had the privilege of working with many amazing businesses and Law Firms, such as:

Custom Software Development
Worldox Document Management
  • Tucker Electronics
  • Hobert Pools
  • NPC/Pizza Hut
  • Wave/EDS/HP
  • L&S Plumbing
  • Mullin Hoard & Brown
  • Gibson Anderson & Davenport
  • Marshall White
  • Sanders O'Hanlon & Motley
  • McWhorter Cobb & Johnson
It is our exceptional work with companies like these that has earned us a strong reputation as a reliable, knowledgeable team of industry experts methodically working toward the best results possible for our clients.

ION Resources Provides

  • Design and development of custom, web-based Business Software Applications that mirror your business process
  • Implementation of Document Management Solutions that enable your employees to create, collaborate, manage and put their hands on critical business information in a precise and timely fashion