Microsoft Office 2010 Deployment Services


The Microsoft Office 2010 suite of products is raising the bar for businesses seeking a common platform for employees to work smarter and faster from virtually any location and device. New features such as co-authoring in Word, and Office Web applications offer tremendous value for firms willing to embrace new methods and tools in exchange for improved client service and employee collaboration.

ION Office 2010 Deployment services include:

  • Needs Analysis/Evaluation
  • Project Planning
  • Application customization/integration
  • User interface customization, including Styles, Firm Style set, and templates
  • Integration with 3rd Party applications
  • Testing
  • Comprehensive end-user training
ION Resources and Regency Training & Consulting: The sum of the parts is greater than the whole

ION Resources and Regency Training and Consulting bring great value to firms demanding legal-specific software consulting and services.

Combining forces as one team, we recognize the demands of the legal process and how information flows throughout an office. We know how software can be customized and designed to make the workflow process more efficient and workers more productive. We add value by creating software tools designed specifically to improve how attorneys and staff produce their work product each day. In addition, because the best software ever written is useless if your employees don’t know how to use it, we offer complete training services. Your staff will learn how to use these tools as they will use them every day, customized for your specific requirements. Your employees will not only know what to do with the icons but also how to use the software most effectively in your specific environment.

Our combined experience might be best described as “Been There – Done That – Seen that before.” We’ve worked with many law firms and understand the uniqueness of each firm. Our combined expertise provides a rock-solid foundation for firms seeking the highest return on their software and training investment. We are dedicated to helping our clients and their employees use their information more efficiently, so that their productivity improves, and clients receive better service.

Choose the right team to work with: ION Resources and Regency Training!