Our Project Philosophy

The benefits of deploying custom business software are numerous. Thus, it stands to reason that the process of estimating and then developing custom software can be a complex undertaking. ION strongly believes that Client education and participation is critical to the success of any software and/or web development project.
During the design process a team of your key employees will work with one or more ION Project Managers to define what you WANT your website and database software to do vs. what it MUST do and how you would like for the website and software to “behave”. During this process our designers and software developers will evaluate and scope the technical steps and actions necessary to fulfill your requirements. In addition, your company must determine it’s budget for obtaining software tailored specifically to your business needs.

The following analogy should shed further light. Suppose you go to your friend Bill the architect and say that you want to build a house. You start by asking Bill whether he can design and build a four-bedroom home for under $200,000. He says that he can, but claims that the specific cost will vary depending on what options you select and how distinctive you want your home to be. As you begin to develop ideas about what kind of house you want- your spouse would like a kitchen fit for a gourmet, you want a super-sized man-cave, swimming pool, gold-plated fixtures, etc… you get the point. Your home could end up costing much more than $300,000, even though Bill said it was possible to build a four-bedroom home for under $200,000.

As with the products and/or services offered by your company, cost is relative to the value received. ION will work closely with your company to define your business objectives and the software features and functions required to meet those objectives, as much as practically possible, in accordance with the budget established by your business.